Stress-Free Disney World Planning

A Trip to Disney World can be more stressful then any holiday, even Christmas!  Our friends at have come up with a plan for dealing with this stress and making your trip enjoyable for your whole family.

First of course you need to purchase tickets to Disney World, once that fun task is complete you need to decide what to do while you are there.  Planning is the key.  Disney World covers over 46 square miles and includes more then 20 resort hotels on the property. has outlined a plan in various steps:

1. Plan Ahead

2. Stay on Site

3. Familiarize Yourself With Rides and Shows

4. Use the Fast Pass Wisely

5. Pack Wisely

6. Dining Plans

7. Prepare for Safety

You can read more about each of these steps at:

The only addition we would make to this well thought out article is where exactly to purchase your Disney World Tickets From.  Take a look at our list of top sites to compare prices and get the biggest discount possible on your tickets

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