Hyperion Wharf To Be New Disney Complex

Recently, Disney has announced plans to revitalize a portion of Downtown Disney in Florida’s Disney World.  Currently known as “Pleasure Island,” the area has been long known for its promenades and walkways.  Disney announced no concrete dates on when the renovations will occur, but has said that the development and implementation of Hyperion Wharf will create thousands of new jobs in upcoming years and provide an even more magical experience for Disney visitors.

Hyperion Wharf will be designed to recreate a nostalgic take at a twentieth century port town.  By day, the streets will be stocked with stylish boutiques perfect for shopping and hobnobbing with Disney Characters, and by night the place will transform into an “electric wonderland” perfect for enjoying a late night out with the kids or even a romantic evening for two.

In addition to the renovation and expansions that will be taking place in order to transform Pleasure Island into the new Hyperion Wharf, Disney is also expanding its Lego Imagination Center in the Downtown Disney Marketplace area.  This move was made to capitalize on the fact that Legoland is moving to Florida as well.  While Legos themselves may be small, rest assured that the expansion of the Lego Imagination Center is no minor renovation – it will include expanding the physical space of the Center by a whopping 3,500 feet, as well as the addition of Lego “sculptures” exhibiting classic Disney scenes!

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