Toontown to Close for Renovations

Planning on making a visit to Walt Disney World’s Mickey’s Toontown Fair? You’d
best book your tickets quick, because it’s slated to close down on February 11, 2011.
If you’re not familiar with the exact location of Toontown, it’s the part of Disney
World where Mickey and Minnie reside. (Don’t worry, this isn’t the iconic Cinderella
Castle – that’ll definitely be staying open.)

So what’s going on with Toontown? Actually, they’re going to tear it down to make
room for new attractions. Even the most magical place on earth needs to keep
up with the times, it seems! Some of Toontown will remain standing as is, and
those areas are scheduled to go under repair. Additionally, when the park closes
in February, the Walt Disney World Railroad will not stop at the Toontown station
until all demolitions and repairs are completed.

For those who know that Toontown is where Mickey greets his guests, don’t despair
that you won’t be able to take your little ones to visit the big mouse. He and Minnie
along with all of the other characters that usually reside in Toontown will still be
out and about in the park during the renovations. Most Toontown residents will
be moved to other places in the Magic Kingdom, but it should be noted that those
who have their hearts set on meeting Tinkerbell will have to journey to Disney’s
Hollywood studios, while other fairies will be moving to Epcot.

The remodels of Toontown (and to the entirety of Fantasyland, which is where
Toontown is located) are expected to be complete by 2013.

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