A Disney Dream Come True!

If it’s ever occurred to you that having a Disney themed cruise line could be a great
time for the young and the young at heart alike, the reality may be occurring sooner
than you think! In actuality, Disney has been operating two cruise ships for some
time now, but they are now looking to expand upon this particular enterprise with
the addition of a third ship to their repertoire.

Recently, the Meyer Werft shipbuilding company has completed the “Disney Dream”
cruise ship and handed over the keys to the Disney Cruise Line. The Disney Dream
is a reputed 40% bigger than the other cruise ships currently in service, adding two
decks and an additional 1,250 rooms for those seeking a spot on the elusive Disney
cruise lines. This brings passenger capacity to a whopping 4,000 people – plenty to
either find playmates for your kids or new friends to while some time away with at
the nightclubs on board. The cruise is slated to have live shows and entertainment
in addition to water parks and, of course, the iconic Disney crew aboard.

To this end, the Disney Dream has recently been completed, and the “handing of the
keys” ceremony was attended by shipbuilders, human cruise owners, and Captain
Mickey, alike. (Donald Duck was in attendance too, though it was rumored he was
unhappy with Mickey’s designation as “captain.”)

The ship itself is set to sail across the Atlantic soon to its new port in Florida, and
will reach the United States on January 4, 2011. The maiden voyage of the Disney
Dream will occur on January 26, 2011.

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