Tron Sequel Tops On Debut Weekend

The early 1980 movie scene was rocked by the release of Tron, a futuristic movie
that was revolutionary in the field of incorporating computer technology into the
magic of the silver screen. Many people of that generation of film-goers look back
upon the movie with fond memories – even though the special effects might seem
outdated in comparison with the CG feats of today, the movie was a landmark both
in story and in specs. The original Tron movie has become something of a cult
classic among viewers; yet when Tron debuted at the box office back in 1982, it was
widely considered a failure.

Lovers of the original came out in bunches to check out the sequel, which debuted
this past weekend. Tron: Legacy brought in about 43.6 million dollars on its
opening weekend at the box office, which was considered a moderate success. The
biggest competitor to Tron: Legacy appears to be Yogi Bear 3D, but given that Yogi
grossed 16.7 million, Tron’s showing indicates that it has been well received by
movie watchers across the nation.

Despite the relatively good opening weekend, the overall success of the film has yet
to be seen. Due to the high amount of 3D effects in the movie, the overall budget of
the film was approximately 170 million, so Tron: Legacy still has a way to go before
it can be considered a successful commercial venture on the part of Disney. But for
a movie sequel that debuted nearly 30 years after the original flopped at the box
office – not a bad beginning!

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