Making The Magic More Efficient

One of the greatest things about Walt Disney World is that the owners and
employees of the theme park are always striving to make the experience better
for all who visit it. It’s this dedication to entertainment greatness that has helped
the theme park through these tough economic times – while pleasure travel has
definitely slowed since 2008 due to the economic recession; Disney has been
working hard to make its theme parks more accessible and pleasant to visit.

Prior research has shown that due to the crowds that flock to the Magic Kingdom,
most visitors only had time to ride about nine of the park’s forty rides. This is
largely due to the huge numbers of people who visit the park, thus creating longer
waits and producing crowded walkways, which can be difficult for families with
small children to navigate.

However, Disney is pleased to announce that more recent studies have upped the
visitor-to-ride ratio in the Magic Kingdom to 10 rides per visitor per day with small
adjustments to the way the park is run. What makes it even more intriguing is that
there was no public outcry that the park wasn’t worth the money paid – Disney took
it upon themselves to pursue this venture on their own means.

Part of the fire behind the endeavor of efficiency is owed to the fact that the park
recently upped the cost of its tickets by around 11%. Disney hopes that upping the
efficiency level as well will convince its visitors that they are still getting a magical
experience at a fair price.

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