Florida Resident Discount Tickets Go On Sale

Are you a Floridian looking to get your hands on this year’s batch of discounted
tickets? You’re in luck, because discount ticket season is on!

Walt Disney World always offers discount seasonal tickets to Floridians, both as
a way to boost visits during the slow months between the holiday season and
summer, as well as to extend goodwill toward those who share the state with
Mickey. This year, the tickets are called the “4 Day Wild 4 Disney” set, and they
retail at approximately 119 plus tax for 1 adult. It’s quite a deal, considering how
it’s good over the course of four days!

Of course, some restrictions apply. The 4 Day Wild 4 Disney tickets are only good
between January 2 and May 22, and they are subject to blackout the week before
Easter, as many holiday revelers from out of state come to enjoy the park at that

The tickets are a 20% increase from last year’s 4 Day Dream Pass, which sold for
99 dollars plus tax per adult. However, the tickets are still about 5 percent cheaper
than the Floridian discount tickets sold at the beginning of 2008.

For the curious, Disney also offers similar discounts to Californian residents looking
to get into Disneyland for a cheaper price than what is usually offered. Disney
encourages Floridians to experience the magic for themselves – at a cheaper price
and often with shorter wait times – at Disney World during the cooler winter

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