Say Goodbye To the Block Party Bash

New Years Day is always a big day at Walt Disney World, and January 1, 2011 was
no exception to the rule. In fact, in one particular area of Walt Disney World the
crowds were louder and more boisterous than usual, owing to the fact that the Block
Party Bash was going down for the very last time.

The Block Party Bash has been a regular occurrence in the streets of Disney’s
Hollywood Studios ever since 2008, when an identical show at Disney’s California
Adventure was met with profound success. The Block Party Bash consists of a 35
minute long parade that is not only colorful and exuberant but also interactive.

The performers were looking to make it particularly memorable, which was a
special treat for the excited, sign-bearing crowd. Even fellow Disney coworkers
were on site to watch their friends and cast members put on the show for the very
last time.

All and all, the final performance of the Block Party Bash went off without a hitch,
and definitely went down as something to remember in the annals of Disney history.
For those who are sad that the Block Party Bash has partied for the very last time,
take hope – the Pixar Pals Countdown To Fun! is scheduled to start on January 16th,
and Disney has every expectation that it will be as magical as the Block Party Bash
was. Stay tuned into Disney news to learn the latest about what’s up and about at
the most magical place on earth.

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