Disney, Yahoo Inch Toward Internet TV Deal

While there’s a lot to be said for going out and joining the Mouse for some fun in
Walt Disney World, there’s no doubt that Disney’s most profitable and well-known
works are shown across the silver screen in cinemas and the smaller screen in
private homes.

Recently, it’s been released that Disney and Yahoo are working together in
consideration of displaying Disney videos and television shows on Yahoo’s
Connected TV. If Yahoo is successful in striking a deal with Disney, it would be a
major landmark step forward in allowing Yahoo to compete with Google TV and
Apple TV.

Currently, Disney is considering allowing Yahoo TV to showcase clips from ESPN,
ABC, and Disney networks. While Disney seems relatively receptive to allowing
Yahoo TV to utilize snippets from shows, the question on whether or not full-length
features will be available is less certain.

Yahoo, Google, and Apple’s attempted forays into the Internet television realm have
been somewhat stymied by the television networks’ collective resistance to the idea.
The resistance is mainly due to the fact that allowing Internet television outlets to
use their materials may kill any chances in the future of the networks’ broadcast
businesses down the line.

Apple TV is currently leading the Internet television movement by striking deals
with Netflix, Fox, and NBC. Customers are able to access full-length films and shows,
but it comes at a cost of .99 cents per television show/older movie, or 4.99 for
anything in high definition.

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