The Wide, Wide World Of The Disney Marathon

Anybody who’s ever been to Walt Disney World knows how exhausting it can be
to spend a long period of time there. After all, with so much fun packed into such a
small place, who wouldn’t be tired? Well, for those who are looking to add a little
extra punch to their visit to the Most Magical Place On Earth, have you considered
checking out the Disney Marathon?

That’s right! Disney sponsors a yearly marathon run through its park, the length
of which clocks in at an impressive 40 miles if the whole thing is completed. The
marathon is run over the course of two days, and those who rally for both days are
proud of completing what has come to be known as the “Goofy Challenge.” The
actual marathon part itself is 26.2 miles long and takes place on the first day, for
those who prefer their marathons more traditional.

As you might expect, the Disney Marathon is no small gathering of joggers – for the
2011 year, nearly 17,000 people participated in the run. The marathon is extremely
popular both for its athletic challenge and the overall fun during the event, as the
Disney characters show up both to cheer on the runners and to mingle with the

For those who like to get to the point – who, after all, was the winner of the Disney
marathon when thousands of people participated? The runner who is now king of
the Disney castle is Fredison Costa, a 33 year old Brazilian who crossed the finish
line at an impressive 2:21:14. For the women, the winner was Leah Thorvilson of
Little Rock, AK, who clocked in at 2:42:11. Not only did Thorvilson take home the
title, she did so while dressed as Tinkerbell – it was also her birthday!

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