Get Ready To Safari With The Wild Africa Trek

The Animal Kingdom is a popular park at Walt Disney World due to the up close and
personal way that visitors can interact with animals. As the park is on its own, it’s
half-zoo half-safari and both children and adults alike find themselves captivated by
this up close and personal introduction to the wonders of what nature has to offer.

But for those who are ready to take it to the next level, Disney offers the Wild Africa
Trek. For those who love the thrill of going “behind the scenes,” and for those who
think the idea of being attached to a lifeline and hanging over cliffs to get a better
view of bull hippos is the coolest thing since ice cream, the Wild Africa Trek is for

This is a way of exploring what the Animal Kingdom has to offer like no other.
Participants must be at least eight years of age, and the cost of going on the Wild
Africa Trek is an added expense – 129 per person, on top of the cost of an entrance
ticket to the park. The tour itself is three hours long, and makes sure to deliver on
the cost.

Rickety bridges that span rivers of crocodiles? Check. A specialty bush trail offering
unparalleled access to giraffes, gazelles, elephants, and wildebeest? Check. Hanging
out over ledges to get that perfect picture shot? Check.

The Wild Africa Trek offers park goers a way to get to the African wilds while also
enjoying the wonderful world of Disney. After all – once you get done with the trek,
we’re sure you’ll appreciate stepping directly back into the fairy tale magic that is

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