Get The Scoop On Getting Married At Disney

It’s no surprise that Walt Disney World is a popular destination for both weddings
and honeymoons alike. Disney is equipped to deliver an outstanding wedding
package for those who like elegance, excellent ambiance, and just a touch of whimsy
for their nuptials. Disney chefs are world-class, and will definitely give your
wedding party something to salivate about when they turn to your wedding feast.
Disney also offers venues of all sorts to get married in, from beautiful gardens to
castles to a replication of the African wilds.

In short, no matter what flavor you want for your wedding, Disney can provide.
Even better, many couples find planning and executing a wedding extremely
stressful – but it’s not this way at Disney! Disney makes weddings one-stop
shopping. Nearly everything that needs getting done can be completed by park
insiders, lessening the need for you to liaison between wedding planners, bakers,
florists, musicians, venues and all of the other detailers because Disney can do it all!

For those who are interested in holding their wedding at Walt Disney World,
Disney is sponsoring a Bridal Showcase from March 18-20, 2011. This gives people
who are interested in learning more about tying the knot at Disney a chance to
tour the area, learn more about services and costs, and chat with a professional
Disney wedding planner. The Bridal Showcase itself will be held at Disney’s Grand
Floridian Resort and Spa, and more information about pricing and event specifics
can be found on Disney’s website.

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