Walt Disney World Offers Florida Residents A Monthly Payment Plan

If you’re a resident of Florida who holds annual passes to Walt Disney World,
you’re in luck – Disney is about to bestow a perk that your Californian cousins have
enjoyed for years. Now, Walt Disney World allows Walt Disney World Passholders
to use a monthly payment plan for the annual pass.

Or maybe you might have already known. Disney actually unveiled this benefit
in August of 2010, but has recently clarified the stipulations of the deal. The
information may prove useful to those Floridians who are looking to take advantage
of the monthly payment offering, but found the previous rules and regulations vague
or overly confusing.

Guests who would like to use the monthly payment option are required to put down
one day’s admission to the park upon purchase of the pass. After that, the balance
of the cost of the pass is paid over the course of a year with no finance added – so
payment over a longer period of time will cost no more than forking out the whole
cost upfront.

If you are a current Passholder, you get an extra special bonus: if you renew your
Pass within thirty days before or after the expiration date of the Pass, you are
allowed to finance the entire cost of the Pass with no down payment required. In
this way, current Passholders save money!

Keep in mind that the monthly payment option is not available for those who hold
the Premium Annual Pass, which is valid at both Walt Disney World in Florida and
Disneyland in California.

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