FantasyLand Starts Its Expansion in 2012

Fans of Walt Disney World who are looking for a bigger and better experience won’t
have long to wait – in 2012 the park is planning to unveil the newest additions to
Fantasyland in stages.

The plans include a brand new indoor rollercoaster entitled “The Seven Dwarf’s
Mine Train,” and a greeting area marking the entrance to Fantasyland called “Pixie
Hollow.” New dining options will include a Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant,
sure to charm adults and children alike. For the little princesses among you, they’re
sure to enjoy visiting Fantasyland’s new “Princess Fairytale Hall” where visitors can
dance with Cinderella or celebrate a birthday party with Sleeping Beauty’s Princess
Aurora. The Princess Fairytale hall will replace the attraction currently known as
Snow White’s Scary Adventure.

Walt Disney world has been under a great deal of competition lately, especially since
Universal Studios unveiled its Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, which
has taken the entertainment industry by storm. However, Walt Disney World is
confident in its ability to continue its preeminence in the theme park industry with
the remodeling done at Fantasyland. Ultimately, Disney plans to double the size of
the park by 2013.

With all of the attention that Disney is lavishing on its attractions in recent times,
it’s no wonder the Disney Experience is considered one of the best on earth in terms
of theme parks. If you and your family find yourselves at Disney World in the near
future, be sure to enjoy some of the new attractions set out for your enjoyment.

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