Star Tours Ride Set To Open May 20th

While it’s no surprise if the reopening of a ride might get lost in the hubbub
surrounding Disney’s new cruise ship and the expansion of Fantasyland, those who
love all that is George Lucas and Jedi have a new reason to be excited to get back to
Walt Disney World after a long hiatus. Walt Disney World confirmed last week that
the famous Star Tours ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is set to reopen May 20th.

The timing is no accident – Disney wants the ride to be up and ready for all of
the Star Wars enthusiasts that flood Walt Disney World for the famous Star Wars
Weekends. The date for Star Wars Weekend hasn’t been set yet, but it traditionally
takes place between late May and early June, so Disney is trying its hardest to get all
of the appropriate rides and festivities in gear to make it as magical an experience as

The reopened ride will feature a new film shot by George Lucas, which should entice
even those who have been on the ride before to come back on and experience a
whole new thrill in a galaxy far, far away. Even if the expansion of Fantasyland is
getting more media attention at the moment, the opening of Star Tours is the big-
ticket item of 2011, as Fantasyland isn’t set to open its new attractions for another

It seems to be a Star Wars year for the entire Disney family, as well – Disneyland in
Anaheim, California is also redoing its own Star Tours theme ride.

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