Disney Dream Travels With Rave Reviews

We all know that the Disney Dream is the latest of the Disney ships to hit the water,
and it’s done so with a magnificent splash as reported by the lucky people who have
been able to ride the waves on the Dream.

If you’ve been considering trying a Disney cruise vacation, consider the addition
of the Dream to the fleet a sign from above that the time is nigh and you should
take the plunge. Why? Disney cruises have been remarkably successful in the past
as they were – in fact, Disney was the pioneer company that opened the idea of
the “family cruise” to the travel market. Prior to Disney’s foray into the seven seas,
cruises were primarily the penchant of the older traveler.

But when Disney stepped onto the scene, the company did what it does best –
revolutionizing. Even with the success of its first few ships, many analysts were
surprised that the company didn’t do more to capitalize on their success: and Disney
has finally made a move toward doing so with the Disney Dream.

With either real live ocean views from portholes or digital ones that are connected
to a feed outside the ship, visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the sea alongside
the magic that is Disney. The ship itself is decked out with water slides and
populated with Disney characters, both of which are sure to delight both adults and
children on their voyage with the Disney Dream.

Be sure to keep alert for more news releases on the Disney Dream in the future: we
look forward to continued coverage on the Dream as well as more reviews from
customers once they dock after the ship’s maiden voyage!

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