Chilean Miners Receive Free Trip To Walt Disney World

This past Monday, “Super” Mario Sepulvedia along with 30 of his mining colleagues were welcomed like kings to Walt Disney World. After coming back to the surface of the earth after over two months spent surviving 2,300 feet below in a collapsed Chilean mine.

In addition to the sheer joy of returning back to the world, to their homes and families, fresh water and food, Walt Disney World has arranged a great vacation for the miners and their families. This past Monday, Sepulvedia along with hiscolleagues finally arrived at Walt Disney World in order to experience the best of the Mouse’s hospitality.

The miners’ welcome started off with acting as grand marshals in a great welcome parade, where they were presented with helmets adorned with mouse ears. The miners’ pleasure was evident as they strolled down Main Street U.S.A. to be cheered on by enthusiastic onlookers and Disney characters like.

“I was about to lose my life,” Sepulvedia told ABC News, “Now I am surrounded by life. What a difference,” he said.

Walt Disney World is proud to be able to offer the all-expenses-included trip to their parks to the miners and their families as an ultimate welcome-back gift to the men who have returned from the deep. While most of the miners will continue to work underground, they will surely enjoy this respite in warm, bright, sunny Orlando, Florida. Disney hopes the miners enjoy their stay at their theme park and make the most of the Most Magical Place On Earth.

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