Aaron Rodgers Visits Disney World

Where did NFL Quarterback of the champion Green Bay Packers go after winning the Super Bowl? To Walt Disney World, of course!

In fact, the victorious quarterback was in Walt Disney World less than twenty four hours after his victory in Super Bowl 2011.

To celebrate his victory and kick off his time spent in the most magical place on Earth, Rodgers rode atop a float in a festive parade at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

He’s visiting Walt Disney World with a lot to celebrate – not only does he have a Super Bowl ring to wear, but he also received the MVP award. He threw three touchdown passes during the game where Green Bay triumphed over the Pittsburgh Steelers at a score of 31-25.

Rodgers wasn’t shy about letting the world know about his destination, either – one of the first questions asked to him after winning the Super Bowl was, of course, “What are you going to do now?” After triumphantly grinning at the camera, the quarterback’s answer was Walt Disney World.

It just goes to show that no matter how far people get in their lives or how “grown up” they become, there’s always a latent desire to go back and enjoy the magic of Disney. Especially if you become grown up and a winner of the Super Bowl – not only do you get to enjoy all the fun and entertainment that Walt Disney World offers all guests, but riding at the top of a float with Mickey Mouse himself is the stuff of all kid’s dreams!

When they aren’t busy dreaming about winning the Super Bowl, of course.

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