Say Goodbye to Toontown

Mickeys-ToonTown-FairOne of the most iconic attractions in Walt Disney World closed this past Friday in order to make room for the proposed Fantasyland expansion. The area closed was known as Mickey’s Toontown Fair, and it was originally opened in 1988.

For those who are a little rusty on their Magic Kingdom Theme Parks, Mickey’s Toontown Fair was the part that was originally inspired by the incredible success of Roger Rabbit and the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The park itself also took heavy influence from the fact that Mickey Mouse was turning sixty years old around the time of the opening of Toontown. Originally both Toontown and Mickey’s Birthdayland were scheduled to be separate themed parks, but budgeting got cut and both parts were combined into the modern Mickey’s Toontown Fair.

While the park saw a lot of visitors in its day, the fact of the matter is that most younger visitors aren’t as familiar with the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Movie as they were a decade past. As the Roger Rabbit franchise has slowed down greatly in recent years, the park executives decided that the space could be put to better use by expanding Fantasyland.

The new Fantasyland renovations are scheduled to be completed in 2013. While many park goers and Disney staff members are sorry to see Mickey’s Toontown Fair go, the opening of Fantasyland is simply the next step in the evolution of Walt Disney World. The changes in venues that Walt Disney World offers its visitors is part of the reason why the park is number one in the world.

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