Fastpass To the Mouse

Fast Pass Disney WorldThe Disney Fastpass isn’t a new thing to hit the magical world of Disney. Essentially, the Fastpass is a way to be able to skip lines when it comes to certain attractions. The way it works is like this – a guest who wants to visit a certain attraction but doesn’t wish to wait in the line will get a Fastpass, which is essentially a ticket that will allow the bearer to skip to the front of the line at a predetermined time. In this way, guests can sign up for multiple Fastpasses and be able to spend less time waiting in line. A handful of well-timed Fastpasses can mean that a guest hardly has to spend any time waiting for the top attractions at Walt Disney World.

Recently, though, Disney announced that Fastpasses can now be used to meet the Mouse himself. Since Mickey Mouse is probably one of the park’s most popular attractions in and of himself, the lines to see him are often long and visitors complained about the length of time that they had to wait to see Mickey.

The Fastpass change will occur when the mouse moves to a new permanent meet- and-greet location in Times Square. The exact date of the change has not yet been announced. Currently guests can only meet with Mickey in Tomorrowland, right next to Space Mountain. Previously guests could also meet up with the mouse in Mickey’s Toontown Fair, but the Toontown Fair was recently closed in order to make room for the expansion of Fantasyland.

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