Animal Kingdom Shortening Extra Hours

Animal Kingdom Shortens HoursMany people elect to visit Walt Disney World solely during the day, and not stay on the grounds of the park at night. There are several reasons why this might be a good option for some visitors – namely, people who come to Orlando might want to take advantage of what the rest of the city has to offer in addition to Walt Disney World, and others might find that price of staying overnight in the park a little bit too rich for their blood. It’s sad, but true – oftentimes, bedding down with the Mouse might just be a little bit too hard on the pocketbook. It’s much cheaper to stay outside of the park at the end of the day.

But the end of the day is one of the big advantages in electing to stay at Walt Disney World overnight, as is the beginning of the day. Known as “Extra Hours,” the park is open a little bit earlier and a little bit later to guests at Disney Hotels as opposed to those who choose to take their lodgings outside of the park limits. The Extra Hours are a great incentive to stay in the park for obvious reasons – during the early and the late hours, the lines are shorter.

But those who like to view their animals late at night might be in for disappointment – recently it was announced that the Animal Kingdom is no longer keeping the Extra Hours at night. No word on whether this is a permanent change or not.

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