Maximum Capacity Hit At The Magic Kingdom

Maximum Capacity Hit At The Magic KingdomIt would be any would-be Disney visitor’s nightmare – perhaps you came from far away or maybe even down the street, but who wants to hear that the Magic Kingdom is at full capacity and you cannot enter the park because of it? Not only is this tragic for the adults who had put all the time and money and energy to come take their children to the park, it’s nearly impossible to adequately explain to the kids.

Yet this is what happens occasionally at the Walt Disney World resort parks, particularly during the spring and fall season, which are very popular times for people to come and visit the Mouse. Hitting park capacity is also known as Phase 4 to the Disney Staff, and once it’s been reached the only guests allowed in the park are ones that hold Annual and Premium Annual passes – and even they have to be taken into the park via special Disney World Transportation.

In order to address these needs and try to ensure that everybody who would like to visit the Magic Kingdom may get a chance, Walt Disney World is increasing its operation hours for the Magic Kingdom starting n March 2011. However, it’s always a good idea to check the attendance of the parks by calling ahead, if at all possible, particularly if you are visiting during a peak time. You can call ahead to check the attendance at 407-W-Disney for a fast update on what looks like it might close when. The Magic Kingdom is the quickest to fill – but the good news is that even if you can’t get into the Magic Kingdom, you will be likely able to visit one of the other

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