Journey Into Imagination Turns 28

Journey Into Imagination at Walt Disney WorldIt’s a fact of life that amusement parks change frequently. It’s no secret that they’re primarily commercial enterprises, the rides and attractions have to stay fresh to keep the customers returning to the park. This being the case, however, there are always some rides that stay constant throughout the years, and the Journey Into Imagination ride at Epcot is one of these rides.

Even after all of these years, the signature character Figment is still alive and well, even though when the ride went through a revamp he got paired up with a Dr. Nigel Channing. However, even after 28 years the ride is still alive, well, and drawing customers as steadily as it ever has.

However, many people suspect that since Kodak has pulled out sponsorship of the ride, its days may be numbered. This will come as a sad surprise to those who enjoyed the Journey Into Imagination, but as of now Disney has not announced any official plans to close the ride. Be sure to work it into your schedule the next time you stop by Walt Disney World. It’s an older ride, but definitely one of the most solid in the park and you’re sure to enjoy it.

Again, it’s the nature of parks that things change to keep the customers interested – new visitors are always seeking the newest rides, and changing things up encourages people to buy yearly or monthly passes and keep up with the park itself. But the rides that last 28 years are definitely doing something right, as they keep the customers coming back!

2 thoughts on “Journey Into Imagination Turns 28”

  1. Oh boy, I remember this ride when I was a kid. I also remember the president’s exhibit, which is really old. I wonder if that’s still around, by GE was it? My kids are so “up” on technology, nothing seems to impress them any more. They watch TV almost 24/7 on their iPhones now that we have streaming TV to them from the Sling box at home connected to my DISH Network employee DVR. At least they like Discovery Kids.

  2. I hadn’t heard any speculation that the ride might go away – I hope not, as I remember it from my first trip to Disney World 20 years ago. Hopefully it keeps running for another 28!

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