“Deep Dive” Encourages Students To Dive Deeply Into Subjects of Interest

Disney World Dreamers AcademyWhile Splash Mountain and It’s A Small World might be the main to-do items on the lists of most visitors to Walt Disney World, they weren’t the focus of 110 high school students this past weekend. While visiting the major attractions that Walt Disney World has to offer its park goers might have been a bit (or, well, more than a bit) of a draw, the main focus was on the Disney Dreamer’s Academy.

Each year, Walt Disney World hosts students from across the country to come and participate in the Disney Dreamer’s Academy, where students can listen to keynote speakers and attend workshops to help them learn more about their own goals and aspirations. This year’s theme was “Deep Dive,” intending to symbolize the goal of the conference, which was to encourage students to dive deeply into the dreams and life aspirations.

This year, four students were even awarded internships through their participation at the Disney Dreamer’s Academy. All of the students and attendees had a great time, as not only was there the typical level of Disney Magic to be enjoyed, but inspiration was available in spades. The keynote speakers included celebrated Disney actress Raven Symone, as well as Mikki Taylor, the editor at large for Essence Magazine, and gospel music icon Yolanda Adams.

The Disney Dreamer’s Academy has been offered for the past four years. For more information regarding this remarkable conference and how it can change the lives of students for the better, visit disney.com.

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  1. Walt Disney World never ceases to amaze the people. Their movies are loved by numerous kids and adults and their theme park attractions and rides are unforgettable. They also inspire children to learn in many aspects of the park

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