Saving Time At Walt Disney World

Fastpass for Walt Disney WorldWhile Walt Disney World may be a magical place, the lines that you often have to stand in are considerably less magical. The most common complaint that visitors have when it comes to vacationing at Walt Disney World involve the amount of time that visitors spend waiting in lines. There have been considerable advances made in part technology insofar as waiting in line is concerned, in order to make the process of waiting as pleasant as it possibly can be.

One of these innovations is the Fastpass, which allows visitors to go to a ride and essentially take a ticket for later. However, in order to use the Fastpass most effectively, it’s more about understanding the timing of the rides and where the Fastpasses can be used most effectively. Veterans of the park understand this, and there actually have been guidebooks written regarding the best ways to avoid lines while visiting Walt Dinsey World.

A great tip is to use Fastpass in conjunction with common sense. It’s amazing how many times where there will be two rides, one with a short line and one with a longer one. Get the Fastpass for the longer ride and then go wait for the shorter one. Also, if it rains during your time at Walt Disney World you might consider yourself unlucky, but if you look under the pavilions you’ll often find lots of characters left unattended while visitors race to leave the park. This is a great time to take the opportunity to hobnob with Disney characters at your leisure!

Above all, remember patience. Walt Disney World should be fun, after all!

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