Staying on Site at Walt Disney World

There’s so much to do in the Orlando area that making the most of every moment is vital when it comes to visiting this part of Florida. If visiting Walt Disney World is looking to become a part of your vacation (and it definitely should be!) then you should seriously consider staying at one of the many fun-filled and luxurious hotels on site at Walt Disney World.

Many people come to Walt Disney World and elect to instead stay outside of the mark, as the hotel rates are a little cheaper than those located in Walt Disney World. This is true, but the perks that come with staying on the ground at Walt Disney World often outweigh the extra costs associated with staying there.

First of all, those who end up staying at the parks get the advantage of easier transport options. It can be a hassle getting in and out of the park if you have to commute, and staying on the grounds relieves you of this burden. In addition, there are also “close out” hours that you get to enjoy when you stay on site – after the park leaves and the day trippers go, those who stay on the grounds get a couple of hours in the evening after all the other visitors go home to explore the park. There are also a couple of hours in the morning that people who stay on site get to enjoy before the crowds show up.

If you are looking to visit Walt Disney World, keep staying on site in mind!

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