Walt Disney World To Open In Shanghai

Disney World top open park in ShanghaiJust recently, Walt Disney World was given a green light to break ground in Shanghai Park. You may not know how very international Walt Disney World has become over the past twenty years – there are now Walt Disney Worlds in Tokyo and France. While the Walt Disney World in Florida is the biggest of them all and attracts the most visitors, the international outlets do very well and host millions of visitors a year.

Walt Disney world has been in negotiations to open a resort in China since the early 1990s. It doesn’t take long to figure out why Walt Disney World would be interested in holding operations in China – one need only look to the one billion residents to see the promise of great revenue from the park. After all, Disneyland Tokyo does very well, and a great deal of Chinese citizens go to Japan for the explicit purpose of visiting that Disneyland. Opening a Disneyland in China makes sense.

However, the Chinese government wasn’t as warm toward the idea and the negotiations took the better part of twenty years. The proposed Disneyland China will be 963 acres, which is about 1/26th the size of the original Walt Disney world in Florida.

Insofar as content is concerned, this Walt Disney World will contain many of the same attractions that can be found at the Walt Disney World in Florida, only with a heavier emphasis on Chinese heritage and language. For those who have ever wanted to meet with Mickey on the Great Wall, this might be your chance!

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