Crowds Return To Amusement Parks

Crowds Return To Walt Disney WorldThe past couple of years have been bad news for amusement parks all across the United States, not just Walt Disney World. There have been a myriad of reasons for this, the most obvious of which being that the economic downturn didn’t make a particularly favorable environment for families spending the money and time to go enjoy themselves at parks. While historically amusement parks have been considered recession proof due to their relatively cheap payouts for the amount of entertainment they provide. However, the recession that hit in 2008 was so severe that many smaller parks were being sold as attendance was so low that they weren’t even making enough money to sustain themselves.

While the situation was not nearly as dire at Walt Disney World and other major theme parks, the fact of the matter is that the past three years have not been kind to the entertainment world as a whole and Walt Disney World is no exception. However, recent months have shown a marked improvement in tourism as a whole, and Disneyland in particular has seen improvement in attendance by quite a bit in the most recent quarter. Walt Disney World has seen somewhat worse luck – a lot of analysts say that the reason why attendance at Walt Disney World has been comparatively low is due to the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opening at Universal.

However, this being the case, all of the managing staff at amusement parks across the country are confident in the future insofar as revenue is concerned. This upcoming summer is slated to be beautiful, and those who own amusement parks are looking forward to that beauty being reflected in their profit!

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