Collin Campbell Passes Away

Collin Campbell Disney World Passes AwayWhile the most famous celebrities at Walt Disney World no doubt remain Mickey Mouse himself, Donald Duck, and Goofy, it’s always important to award respect to the Imagineers behind the creation of the effects and attractions that make Walt Disney World such a magical place to visit. Today we honor Collin Campbell, who was one of the earliest Imagineers to work for Disney and help Walt create the magical park that is today known as Walt Disney World. He passed away on April 2011.

Collin worked on a number of projects related to all aspects of Disney World – perhaps most interestingly painting the harpsichord for the secretive Club 33 squirreled away on the grounds of the park – he is probably best known for his artist endeavors on the “Haunted Mansion” story and-song record album. For those that visit the Haunted Mansion ride, they might see a tombstone erected in honor of Collin. The ‘epitaph’ on the tombstone reads thus: “Campbell – He died in the fall / It’s a fact not withstanding / but the judges admired / his form in the landing.”

Some might consider such frivolous attitude toward the death of one of Disney’s must beloved Imagineers a little bit insensitive, but family and friends say that Collin probably would have smiled at the tribute. His artwork and his legacy will love on long after his passing, and Disney fans of today and tomorrow will have much to owe to the creative masters behind the magic of Walt Disney World.

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