Royal Wedding Broadcast At Disney World

Royal Wedding to be broadcast at Walt Disney WorldJust because you might happen to be American (or any other nationality that is not British) doesn’t mean that you aren’t attracted by the glamour and the glitz that would be a royal wedding. Even though the power of the scepter doesn’t reach as far as it might have in prior , that’s no reason not to want to gain a peek at the way that modern royalty ties the knot!

In the event that your invitation to the royal nuptials got lost in the mail or you’re simply too busy to drop everything and jet to London for the event, Walt Disney World has you covered. The wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is scheduled to take place at 11 in the morning (British time – which means that on this side of the pond it’ll start at 6 in the morning) on April 29th. Royal fanatics can catch the wedding for free at Disney’s Dolphin Hotel on the morning of the 29th. The best part? It’s open to the public and is entirely free!

Since the wedding will be happening a bit early in the morning, Disney will also provide English-style breakfast items for those who rouse the will to wake up at such an early hour to watch the royals celebrate their foray into matrimony. There will also be a replication of the royal wedding ring on display and a tiara made entirely out of spun sugar from Disney chefs. Maybe you’ll have to get there at 5 in the morning to see it, but it’s an event that is definitely not to be missed!

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