Disney Says Non-Park Spending Good For Parks

If you’ve never stopped to consider the yearly costs of the Walt Disney Company, you might assume that most of their money goes into the upkeep, maintenance, and building of their parks. After all, it seems like every other week there is a new section of the Magic Kingdom going up, and surely the Animal Kingdom requires a lot of money to keep the animals healthy and the habitat safe, right?

You would be correct in assuming that the Disney Company expends a lot of money in order to keep its parks in top condition, but the truth of the matter is that most of Disney’s revenue over the past few years has not gone toward the parks at all! In fact, Al Weiss, president of worldwide operations at Disney, says that this has been done on purpose – the company has spent billions of dollars in revenue on non-park objectives, such as the Disney Dream cruise, or the Aulani hotel in Hawaii. The point of this, Weiss says, is to introduce people who otherwise might have never considered a Disney vacation to the brand in a way that is less cartoony than they might have originally imagined. Weiss goes on to say that many people who experience Disney vacations through a more “grown up” lens then turn around and are more likely to visit the Disney parks afterward.

It just goes to show that there are millions of ways to market. Not only is Disney trying to target those who would have otherwise already been attracted by the thought of Walt Disney World, but also those who might have originally thought the idea too obscure or not inviting. Speaking of which – you did know about the new Disney hotel in Honolulu, right? Even if you’re not considering a trip to the parks – it’s definitely worth checking out.

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