The Economy of Disney

Many people are aware that Walt Disney World is the size of Rhode Island. That’s a large chunk of land, no doubt, that is entirely dedicated to the magic of Disney. While most people are aware that the amount of money that is concentrated in the Disney name is huge, are you really aware of how large the economy of Disney actually is?

The Disney company accounts for twenty percent of all jobs in Orlando – this counts all jobs that fall into the leisure and hospitality industry, all of which are related either directly to the company or exist because Walt Disney World is within such close proximity.

Of course, this is a large portion of the local economy to begin with, but what also should be considered are the transportation and utilities industries, a great deal that exist due to the Disney name. Altogether, jobs related somehow to Disney are estimated to dominate nearly forty percent of the local economy. Considering how hospitality jobs make up a mere 13 percent around the entire state of Florida, Disney’s impact on Central Florida is clearly immense when it comes to the economy of the region.

Many locals are concerned about the continuous proliferation of these jobs in the region – most of them are on the lower end of the pay scale and many individuals who would like to work in different sectors end up moving from the area. But he fact remains that Disney is here to stay – which means that the local economy will continue to rise and fall along with it.

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