Disney World Not Cheap, But Deals to Be Had

disney world tickets not cheap
disney world tickets not cheap
Walt Disney World has been a place of dreams for many people. Unfortunately, it’s true that most dreams don’t come cheaply, and a trip to the most magical place on earth doesn’t come without its cravats. In short, taking your kids (or your inner kid) to Walt Disney World is not an endeavor for those who are faint of wallet. Even getting into the park itself is expensive – a single entry ticket for one day at the Magic Kingdom or any of the other parks at Walt Disney World will run an individual 87 dollars in the current market. It doesn’t take a genius to do the math – a family of four going in to Walt Disney World to one park for one day will cost the group a cool 348 dollars just to get in. And this doesn’t factor in accommodation or food or souvenirs or any of the other costs associated with taking a vacation.

However, even though dreams don’t come cheaply, there are deals to be had in buying tickets in bundles. If you can find the right places to buy your tickets through, you can cut the cost down to 30 dollars per ticket, which results in incredible savings!

Even if you’re just visiting Walt Disney World for one day, try checking out deals through AAA, club, military, or children’s discounts. You’ll be surprised how much a little legwork can do in saving you dollars that can be put toward other expenses at Disney. The worst thing you can do insofar as saving money is concerned is show up at the park and purchase your tickets the day of. Put time into research – it’ll pay off in the end!

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