Saving Money on Tickets At Walt Disney World

Getting a good deal on Disney World tickets is not a myth. While many families (and individuals) would like to spend time at the most magical place on earth, the fact of the matter is that the upfront price of tickets is likely to send most people into sticker shock. A single entry ticket to Walt Disney World for an adult is over eighty dollars – and this only includes admission to a single park. It doesn’t involve the costs of transportation, food, souvenirs, or any other costs associated with having a great time at one of the world’s best amusement parks. Unfortunately, it seems as though amusement doesn’t come cheaply in this world, and with the economy in unstable condition, many families wonder if they’ll be able to foot the bill.

The great news is that you can cut down the price of tickets significantly by doing your homework ahead of time. Even in today’s aura of do-it-yourself vacation planning, it’s worthwhile to talk to travel agents. You might think that the business of person-driven vacation planning has fallen by the wayside, but the truth of the matter is that many ticket agents have inside deals that you just can’t get on the Internet, and certainly wouldn’t be available to you if you just walk up to the doors of Disney and go to buy a ticket. Travel agents can offer you access to special group deals and discounts. Sometimes, you can buy family packages that involve transportation and accommodation rolled up into one, and these can save you some serious money when it comes to staving off the cost of a Disney vacation.

The most important thing to remember when planning a trip to Disney is how vital doing research is. You can’t expect to show up at the gates to the Magic Kingdom and get a free pass. The fact of the matter is that Disney is a business just like any other – and like all businesses, you can often knock down the costs significantly by looking at all of your options and making your decisions based off of that. Don’t wait until the last minute!

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