Disney World More Than Just The Park

Disney World Boardwalk
Disney World Boardwalk
Many people spend a lot of time figuring out how to get cheap Disney World tickets. This is a valuable way to spend time, because getting into the parks is no doubt the main focus of most who go to Buena Vista, Florida. However, remember that Disney offers a variety of different experiences to be enjoyed outside of the parks. Next time that you go to Disney, be sure to check out a couple of these more unusual ways to spend your time – you’ll find that there’s nearly as much to do outside the parks as there is in them!

There are a number of waterside-themed hotels in the Disney collection, and they all come together to form the “boardwalk,” which is like a postcard from a 1930s town by the sea. Wander up and down the walk on foot or with a Surrey bike, enjoying the festivities and buying cotton candy, corndogs, or funnel cakes. If you want to get a bit of an adrenaline rush, feel free to rent a pair of Sea Raycors and zip along the surface of the Seven Sees Lagoon and Bay Lake. You’ll be astonished at how fast these can go! Once you’ve had your fun, dock and take in the Disney’s Spirit of Aloha performance, a combination dinner/dance routine inspired by the traditions of Haiti, Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, and Tonga.

So when you’re on the search for cheap Disney World tickets, be sure not to forget that there are other things to see and do at the park as well. Even if you never get the tickets, it’s unlikely you’ll be bored when you’re at the Disney resorts!

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