Cheap Tickets – Will A Travel Agent Help

Ever since the Internet came on the scene and somebody realized that you could sell airfare over it, it seemed as though the days of the travel agent were numbered. After all, all the information that used to be the province of the travel agent is now easily accessible by the common man. If you can look up your own flights, why pay somebody a commission to do it for you?

What many people forget, however, is that not only are travel agents good at typing, they also have special connections with companies and ticket consignment shops. If you look through the Internet or the Yellow Pages, you’ll notice that travel agents are indeed still in business – and its these very connections that allow them to keep afloat even though most people can now use Expedia.

It’s worth it to check with a couple of travel agents while you’re planning your Walt Disney World excursion. There are even some travel agents that specialize in Disney vacations. Of course, whenever you visit a travel agent you should be very sure to preface your visit as a price check and not a purchase. You can sometimes still get better deals doing the legwork yourself. But you might be surprised how easy and cheap it can be to work with a travel agent – many pay for themselves at the end of the day! Not to mention working with a travel agent is a lot less stressful sometimes. All you have to do is make a phone call and then pick up your travel package!

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