When Should I Buy At The Gate?

Buy Tickets at Disney World Gates
When to Buy Tickets at Disney World Gates

When you look around at the many ticket sites that are available online, you might end up with the thought that the actual ticket booth outside of the Walt Disney World Resort is only for people who want to spend more money than they need to. To a certain extent this is true, but it isn’t so 100% of the time.

The thing with buying tickets lone is that the cheapness of the price is due to the fact that they are package deals. For most websites or travel agents, five days is the magic number where you start seeing serious discounts. Three-day plans also crop up occasionally.

However, in the even that you are only planning on being at Walt Disney World for one or two days, it might actually be cheaper for you to buy the tickets from the gate at the park rather than online. This mostly has to do with processing fees you need to pay to the company to ensure that you get the tickets. When you purchase the larger packages the processing fees are far les than what you’d pay for seven straight days at the gate, but when it comes to single or two-day tickets, the fees often make buying at the gate less expensive.

The one thing that paying for the more expensive single day tickets have is that they will save you time. Especially during busy periods, waiting in line for the tickets at the gate can be a hassle and you might have to deal with the park reaching capacity if it is an extremely busy period. This is rare, but it does happen.

The important thing to remember is that the gate does have its uses!

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