Disney Cuts Taxes With Ticket Sales

Much of the literature on the site has to do with the business of Walt Disney Worldtickets and how individuals can get good deals on them through the Internet orother means. Did you know, however, that you might not be the only person who is concerned with pay for Disney World tickets – and that perhaps Walt Disney World is just as concerned about buying tickets as you are?

It has just been reviewed by some former Disney executives that were familiar with the practice that Walt Disney World actually has found an interesting way around tax laws – the company has been selling tickets to itself for years. The process is somewhat less than admirable – essentially, Walt Disney World would sell tickets to another subsidiary of itself – in this case, Walt Disney Travel Company, and then the travel company would turn around and sell retail travel packages for more than the cost of the ticket itself.

Travel packages are no doubt a big business for Walt Disney World. Given the fact that a vacation for a family of four over the cost of a week can easily cost a few thousand dollars, individuals are looking for ways to save money on entrance and lodging fees for Walt Disney World in whatever way they can. And just as individuals are looking to save on the cost of entering the park, the park itself is trying to save money on operations. Whether this is ethical or not has been up for debate – but you can rest assured knowing that you’re not the only one worried about cheap Disney tickets!

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