Free Tickets at Waldorf Astoria

Free Disney Tickets From Waldorf Astoria
Free Disney Tickets From Waldorf Astoria

For most of the world that does not live in the Central Floridian area where Walt Disney World is located, a trip to the par will also mean a stint of time spent dealing with the ins and outs of finding a place to stay while in the area.  The perennial argument is whether it is better to stay in the par or outside of it, and the real answer to this is that there is no real answer – it depends mostly on the individual travelers and what their plans are for the area.

But to step beyond the bounds of the usual argument, it’s worth noting that the Hilton and Waldorf Astoria hotel that is located on the grounds of the Walt Disney World Resort is now offering guests free tickets with every two-day stay that is booked at the hotel.  The ration is one free ticket per group per stay, so it’s not as if visitors will be able to have a week long vacation on the tab of the hotel, but the good news is that this means that a trip to Walt Disney World will have been made just that little bit cheaper. This freebee is expected to get the attention of the hordes that are expected to decent upon Walt Disney World when the summer travel season starts up again.

Keep your eyes peeled for deals like this. The closer that the calendar gets to tourist season, the more of these that are likely to crop up.

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