Golden Oak Taking Disney VIP

Golden Oaks Resort
Golden Oaks Resort
For those of you who are ready to take the magic of Disney to a whole new level of luxury be sure to check out the offerings of the Golden Oaks resort. This is a collection of homes in a variety of period and world styles that cater to those who are looking to physically live in the luxury that Disney can provide.

But don’t think that these buildings are a constant influx of cartoon characters and loud children on teacups. These are upscale residents that are planned to appeal to a discriminating crowd of customers – the starting price tag for one of the Golden Oak properties is 1.4 million USD! While this might not sound like a path to a cheap ticket, Disney is offering a nice perk for those who close on homes before December of 2011: a free five year VIP pass to Walt Disney World that includes admission to all Disney theme parks, water parks, the DisneyQuest indoor interactive theme park, and the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex with no block out dates. The pass is good for the holder and up to four guests on the pass, and is also good for one free parking spot and even discounts off of merchandise!

Of course, those who end up purchasing the Golden Oak properties are likely of the means to be able to buy Disney tickets whenever they please, so getting a free five year pass is more like a perk on the purchase rather than the point of the deal. But the rest of us can dream, can’t we? And if you happen to be one of the lucky closers before December 2011 on a Golden Oak property – can we be one of the guests on your ticket?

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