To Hop or Not?

If you know anything about Disney World tickets, you’re likely familiar with the science of the ticket add on. Essentially, the majority of tickets that are sold by Disney are considered the Magic Your Way variety, which allows the holder entrance to one of the Disney parks for one day. There are other add ones you can make to the Magic Your Way ticket in order to customize your trip – and the Park Hopper option allows the holder to visit multiple parks in a day. Of course, this add on comes at a slightly higher premium.

The question is if it is economically correct for most people to jump for the Park Hopper addition. Of course, the answer depends on the traveler. For people who have never been to the park before, generally the simple Magic Your Way ticket will do – unless you’re planning to hit the park for less than two days and you’d like to see as many parks as possible in that time. The Park Hopper option is also good for those who have been to Disney World before and know what pars they like best and what parts they would like to visit – if you are only interested in the World Showcase in Epcot, for example, a Park Hopper would let you take in this attraction and spend the rest of the day at a park you liked more.

As always, there is no one-vacation-fits all approach to Disney World. But there are so many ways to customize your vacation to make it truly the most magical place on earth!

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