Higher Ticket Prices Show Optimism

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Higher Ticket Prices Show Optimism

The last few years have not been inspiring for the tourism industry. All over the country there have been amusement parks closing – a strange event, given that prior to the recent economic collapse, many economists forested that amusement parts would likely never see true financial difficultly, as individuals who are undergoing hard times still want entertainment. The toughness of the last few years financially for many people, however, have put the brakes on the vacation plans of much of the country. Even the larger amusement parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando have been feeling the pinch – but the recent change in ticket prices at both of these mega parks shows a modicum of optimism about Florida’s tourism industry.

Last week, Walt Disney World raised the cost of admission to the park to 85 dollars for a single day adult Magic Your Way pass. This week, Universal Orlando has also raised the ticket price to 85 dollars per adult per day as well. While this might not seem like good news to those who are looking for cheap tickets, the raise in price is actually being taken as a good sign by many forecasters. A higher ticket price means that the parks feel as though the amount of guests they are receiving will be able to sustain the hike. Even if things are more expensive than they used to be, the Florida tourism industry is showing signs of increased confidence. This will likely result in new ride innovations as well as expansion of lodging options and remodeling of older parts of the park.

In short, even if you find yourself having to shell out a little more money for this year’s trip to the theme park, you might find that paying a couple extra dollars is worth the ultimate outcome!

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