Home and Garden Television goes Disney

Home and Garden Television
Home and Garden Television goes Disney

Many people enjoy watching shows on the famed Home and Garden Television, more commonly known as HGTV.  This station has already filmed the episodes of My Yard Goes Disney, which is a show dedicated to those who make their landscaping decisions around a Disney theme.  If you like to decorate and would love to see some highly creative people using Disney motifs in their work, this will be a great show to watch once it hits the airwaves!

But even if the show has already been filmed, this doesn’t mean that those who are just wising up to the news can’t get in on the Disney action.  HGTV is actually offering a sweepstakes where the winner will receive a free trip to Walt Disney World as well as advice from Disney landscapers on how to manage a lawn and make it a little bit more magical.  If this sounds like the sweepstakes for you, the great news is that you can still enter the contest through July 18th.  You can enter the contest – which is called the HGTV Inspiration Vacation sweepstakes, once per day at this address: hgtv.com/makemyyarddisney

Many people decorate rooms with a Disney theme, both meant for children and adults.  But taking it out to the lawn is akin to going where few have gone before – but those who have seen the magic of Disney’s landscaping have to agree that the look is definitely unique and magical.  It’s no surprise that so many people want to recreate the look in their own homes!

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