Hotel Fire Near Disney World Burns

While our site is focused more on the business of getting you cheap Disney tickets, it’s also important to think about lodgings when you are coming to Central Florida for the point of enjoying a Disney vacation. Just this past week, however, the Vacation Lodge on US 192, which is about a mile away from the Walt Disney World resort, caught on fire and burned to the ground. The structure had 430 rooms in it total. As of the moment, there have been no reports of casualties.

Always be sure to be vigilant about hotel fires when you are staying in a shared residence. Even a little bit of protective measures on your part will go a long way toward ensuring that tragedy does not ruin your Disney vacation. Many firefighters remind individuals who smoke that they should not do so in the bed, even if they are in a hotel room that allows smoking – cigarettes falling onto mattresses cause any number of house fires. In addition, do not disable fire alarms or smoke detectors in rooms. It is important to keep safety first when you are enjoying a family vacation!

Most likely, you will not have to deal with anything so difficult as a fire when you are visiting Walt Disney World. However, be choosy with where you stay and careful with preventative fire measures. Have a fun – and safe – trip to Walt Disney World! Hopefully, the memories that you create with your family will have nothing to do with unwanted fire!

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