Walt Disney World App Changes Vacationing

Walt Disney World App
Walt Disney World Iphone App
Smartphone users, start your machines – and get ready for the new app that will make vacationing in Walt Disney World a breeze. There has been much said about the brand new Walt Disney World app. This app is for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, and proves to make vacationing in Walt Disney World easier than ever. Imagine if you had access to many of Disney’s major vacation resources and publications in one handy program, such as Walt Disney World Maps, Wait Times, WDW Dining, WDW Hotels, Attraction Descriptions, Park Hours, Parade and Event Descriptions and more with over 600 high-quality photos to boot.

This is a tome of Disney information jam-packed into one easy to use application. This application was developed because with the hastening pace of technology, tourists are also expecting to have all of the latest and greatest right at their fingertips. And why shouldn’t you? This is a great way to get all of the necessary information about your trip before and during your experience. The databases are always updated on this application, so you won’t have to worry about something being incorrect or needing additional information, like you might with a paper publication. Much of the world has gone digital – there’s no reason why the most magical place on earth shouldn’t be going the same way!

Be sure to check out Walt Disney World Pro the next time that you are heading out to Mickey’s backyard. You’ll be glad that so much information is so easy to get!

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