Disney’s Pricing Scheme Changes

You might well be aware that the price of admittance for a single day ticket has risen prior to the summer travel season, and the price of a single-day ticket has risen at Universal and SeaWorld as well. While this might seem like a small move in the grand scheme of things, it really makes a difference where potential numbers are concerned.

Disney radically changed its pricing scheme back in 2005, when it first introduced the Magic Your Way tickets, which are still sold today. Generally speaking, this form of ticket is designed to encourage customers to extend their stays at Disney, as it made buying bulk tickets for multiple days much more economically sensible than simply purchasing single day tickets. Overall, this ticket scheme put much more pressure on Universal and SeaWorld, as it encourages guests to stay longer at Disney theme parks as opposed to splitting a vacation between two different parks.

However, in recent weeks Disney has also upped the prices of its long-term stay tickets. While buying tickets in bulk is still a cheaper option than the single-day tickets, keeping the price of a single-day ticket more stable and instead opting to raise the prices of long-term tickets potentially puts both Universal and SeaWorld in a bind, as those two parks rely more on single-day ticket sales than Disney, who profits much more off of guests looking to book a longer stay. Keeping the price constant on a single-day ticket locks Universal and SeaWorld – who have historically raised their ticket prices to Disney’s standard – and could produce some interesting moves in the future for all of these parks.

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