Stay Cool At Walt Disney World With Epcot!

Disney World Epcot Innoventions
Disney World Epcot Innoventions
Summer at Walt Disney World can be at once a wonderful and trying experience. It’s wonderful since this is peak tourist season and Disney makes sure to pull out all of the stops to ensure a good time for all park guests. The bad part is that at this time of the year the waits for rides are long, and the Central Florida summers can be brutal. It’s nearly always hot and humid, and many days have thunderstorms in the afternoons. Between the heat and the crowds, many people wonder how to best enjoy the parks.

For many, Epcot is the answer. Compared to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot offers the visitor multiple ways to beat the heat without having to compromise on your Disney experience. The Magic Kingdom is set up more like a traditional theme park, where you’ll have to spend time waiting in line to ride attractions that might only be two or three minutes long. Epcot, on the other hand, is a much more indoor experience overall – Epcot has nine attractions that are over ten minutes in length, which is the most out of all of the Disney parks. This means that you’ll be able to spend your time in line waiting in at least partially air-conditioned bliss, and the rides themselves are long and climate controlled.

In addition to the length of the ride, Epcot is set up in a series of pavilions where you can take your time exploring their interiors while enjoying their climate-controlled air. Feel free to take your time in such places as Innoventions, The Seas With Nemo and Friends, and the bijutsu-kan gallery in the Japan Pavilion.

You can beat the heat and enjoy your Disney Vacation at the same time – just head to Epcot!

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