To Stay or Split?

When you come to Central Florida, or even before you book the plane ticket, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of options in the area. While Walt Disney World is no doubt one of the biggest draws in the entire state, the fact of the matter is that with Universal and SeaWorld right by, you might start thinking that splitting your time between two or more parks is the best way to make the most use out of your vacation.

Whether this is true or not depends on your budget and your individual wants. Insofar as budget is concerned, you’ll undoubtedly find it cheaper overall to schedule a longer Disney vacation as opposed to a shorter one. The Magic Your Way ticket scheme is set up to reward those who buy longer stay passes. In fact, many online retailers won’t even sell single-day tickets as it is often cheaper for customers to simply purchase the tickets at the gate rather than over the Internet.

However, if you are looking to pack as much variety as you can into your Central Floridian trip, then you will likely find that visiting multiple parks is the best way to make sure that you and your family make the most out of your trip. If this is the case the cheapest option is often to stay at a third-party hotel outside of the grounds of any park, and then simply day trip to the park of your choice on any particular day. If you would rather make your trip straight Disney, you might be surprised at how much cheaper and convenient staying in the park can be!

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