Disney And Hospitals Team Up

Disney Hospitals
Disney Hospitals
In what might seem like an unusual move, hospitals across America are turning to a unique source to learn more about customer service – Walt Disney World.

This is actually not a new move – Disney has been working with hospitals and other service organizations to assist companies in bettering the overall client experience for nearly 20 years. One of the things that most guests come away from Walt Disney World with is amazement at the amount of customer satisfaction they experience while at the parks – and lots of other industries are eager for Disney to share the knowledge.

But recently, there has been an upswing in interest from hospitals, due to a new initiative by Congress involving Medicare. Starting in 2012, Medicare will start withholding 1 percent of its payments to hospitals – which totals to nearly 850 million a year. This money will then be distributed among hospitals that have the highest customer satisfaction reports.

Unsurprisingly, with that much money on the table, hospitals are eager to make their patients’ experiences as pleasant as possible. On advice from Disney, many hospitals are starting to change their employees’ dress code, revamped hospital landscaping, and changed its hiring focus to look for applicants with positive attitudes.

Not only will this arrangement help hospitals gain more revenue and keep Disney’s consulting firms in business, it will also ensure that patients get the care they need in an environment that is as welcoming as possible. Everybody wins when they team up together with Walt Disney World!

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