Disney Goes Bananas

Chiquita Disney
Chiquita and Disney Team Up
If you happen to be in Walt Disney World or on one of the cruise lines, you might find a familiar brand popping up – Chiquita.

Just this past week, Disney has announced that it will be exclusively marketing fruit produces by Chiquita Bananas. This might not sound like it’s a big deal for those of you who are going to enjoy some Disney magic, but it does show that Disney is pulling out all of the stops to ensure that its visitors get to enjoy fresh fruit while staying at one of their hotels or taking a Disney cruise.

Over the past decade, there has been increasing upset about the level of obesity that strikes in America, both in childhood and as an adult. Disney looks forward to being able to reliably produce healthy snacks and meals for those who come to enjoy their facilities.

Chiquita is, understandably, excited about this development. “This is yet another step in Chiquita’s efforts to improve world nutrition by extending distribution of our healthy fresh products, now to include the world’s favorite vacation destinations,” said CEO Fernando Aguirre in a press release.

So the next time that you are enjoying a vacation through Disney, be sure to look for the familiar blue label on your favorite fruits. Also, be sure that you consume these fruits, as the better you eat while you’re in the parks, the more energy you’ll have to tackle those rides, events, and premier destinations! Eat well, and the rest of your vacation will be a snap.

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